Friday, March 21, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

All training and no planning...

...makes Sarah and Sue very dull girls indeed
(not the most convincing argument - but it worked for us)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sarah's Sneaky training

My friends, D&S, were visiting one weekend and - as the weather suited it and they were aware that I'm in desperate need of all the training I can get - we headed out to Derbyshire for a gentle stroll...

We started out on the Tissington Trail but veered off (following my trusty AA book of Derbyshire walks) to cross the valley to the lovely village of Parwich before crossing back to stroll through Tissington to the cars. The guide book said that it was a medium diffulty walk (meaning a few hills and generally crossing fields rather than well-marked paths) - with "lots of stiles". What it didn't say was that many of this large number of stiles (and there really were lots) were mini assault courses:

Still, it was a lovely wander - definitely good for the stamina - clearly I enjoyed it... (or was this photo taken before we'd hit the 'ascent' parts of the walk?)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Strange Birds seen in Attenborough

Another early start on a very crisp February morning for an eight-mile stroll. Any resentment about having to get out of bed way before lie-in time on a Sunday was soon dissipated by the gorgeous scenery (apologies for the indulgence of more photos that words on this post but walking's walking, right?)

Poor Ruby's nervousness around other dogs, only seems to turn Debbie into a canine magnet:

There was quite a commotion (as much as bird-watchers cause a commotion) down at the Nature Reserve. I'm guessing it was the start of the season - or a special meeting? We didn't stop to ask (stopping means kidding your aching limbs that the walk's all over), but I was amused that some of the twitchers had a couple of very strange birds in their sights:

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I got my new shoes on...

An unreasonably early start for Sue, who very kindly volunteered to pop over to Sarah's house to drag her out of her pit (and I'm sure regretted the offer when she realised that it meant setting out at 7.30am on a cold Saturday morning. What weekend lie-in?).

However, she soon cheered up - possibly due to the fancy new walking shoes she was sporting that morning or perhaps (more likely) because of the curious incident of Sarah's splits in the night time (polished floor; socks and an over eager leap into the room. Yes it did - and still does - hurt. And Sarah is still having a sense of humour failure about it.)

Anyway, Debbie and a very excited Ruby joined us at 8am and we headed off into the beautiful morning across the golf course and into Attenborough (there's a theme here, folks).

1 mile in - new shoes require a little tweak to provide maximum comfort but otherwise all well. As expected it got a bit busier as the morning rolled on and Ruby was very excited by pretty much everything and anything!

3 miles later, Sue's mood dips slightly as the shoes are adjusted...again, hmmph...not sure if they are the dream shoes she hoped.

4.5 miles later, Sue looks on in envy as Sarah makes a break for her own house (she had a visitor arriving at 9.30am) - and Sue and Debbie are required to continue on the return journey - at a steady pace (fortunately for Sue and her troublesome shoes)

All in all it was a good and reasonably uneventful jaunt out.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Debbie's Walk Two

The weekend after being away I needed to make up for missing a walk. Sue was away for the weekend and Sarah was not well and was tucked up in the warm at home. So I set off on Saturday morning with my ever trusty friend Ruby - who is always keen for a walk!

We headed off for Beeston and did a circuit round to Bramcote and then back over the A52, a bit under 8 miles. I am sure Ruby would have gone around the circuit again, but that was enough for one day!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Short break to Benidorm

So whilst Sue and Sarah were walking I was sunning myself in Benidorm. We did do a little bit of walking up and down the seafront!

We were fed up with the cold and wet and decided that a long weekend away to try and find some sun was required. It was just what was needed with some sunshine, nice food and a drink or two!

We stayed in the highest hotel in Spain which had 43 floors and our room was on the 42nd floor! A fantastic view across Benidorm - although a little daunting as it was so high. Here is the view from the balcony!