Sunday, February 17, 2008

Strange Birds seen in Attenborough

Another early start on a very crisp February morning for an eight-mile stroll. Any resentment about having to get out of bed way before lie-in time on a Sunday was soon dissipated by the gorgeous scenery (apologies for the indulgence of more photos that words on this post but walking's walking, right?)

Poor Ruby's nervousness around other dogs, only seems to turn Debbie into a canine magnet:

There was quite a commotion (as much as bird-watchers cause a commotion) down at the Nature Reserve. I'm guessing it was the start of the season - or a special meeting? We didn't stop to ask (stopping means kidding your aching limbs that the walk's all over), but I was amused that some of the twitchers had a couple of very strange birds in their sights:

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