Saturday, February 9, 2008

I got my new shoes on...

An unreasonably early start for Sue, who very kindly volunteered to pop over to Sarah's house to drag her out of her pit (and I'm sure regretted the offer when she realised that it meant setting out at 7.30am on a cold Saturday morning. What weekend lie-in?).

However, she soon cheered up - possibly due to the fancy new walking shoes she was sporting that morning or perhaps (more likely) because of the curious incident of Sarah's splits in the night time (polished floor; socks and an over eager leap into the room. Yes it did - and still does - hurt. And Sarah is still having a sense of humour failure about it.)

Anyway, Debbie and a very excited Ruby joined us at 8am and we headed off into the beautiful morning across the golf course and into Attenborough (there's a theme here, folks).

1 mile in - new shoes require a little tweak to provide maximum comfort but otherwise all well. As expected it got a bit busier as the morning rolled on and Ruby was very excited by pretty much everything and anything!

3 miles later, Sue's mood dips slightly as the shoes are adjusted...again, hmmph...not sure if they are the dream shoes she hoped.

4.5 miles later, Sue looks on in envy as Sarah makes a break for her own house (she had a visitor arriving at 9.30am) - and Sue and Debbie are required to continue on the return journey - at a steady pace (fortunately for Sue and her troublesome shoes)

All in all it was a good and reasonably uneventful jaunt out.

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